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Tips from Alumni 2020

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The RPD Challenge 2020: Extended programme was organized from October 2020 to July 2021 with over 8 teams completing the course by creating their own disaster management solution with the support of GNSS experts. It was the first attempt to organize it fully-online due to the Covid-19, but was organized successfully with the assistance of all those involved!


*The above video showcases the hardworking participants of the RPD Challenge 2020: Extended programme, and all the Expert supporters whose efforts made the programme possible. 


I really appreciate Japanese supporting team because they are always behind me and help me with everything to gain more expert experience

Sirivimol Amponnavarat, RHA Wizard

Eva Fernandez.jpg

Eva Fernandez, SGNAVI

"Limitless GNSS: Integrating position and time in IoT and AI applications."


Tomoaki Shirai, SWAN

"It's been a lot of fun these past few months working with the international team! Thanks!"

Videos from Award
Winning Teams 

◆Team: CULFEWS / MGA Grand Prize Winner
◆Solution: <Flood Early Warning System>

◆Team: BSU / GISTDA Award Winner
◆Solution: <Tsunami Solution and Early Warning System>

◆Team: SWAN / Michibiki Award Winner
◆Solution: <Tsunami Alert Application>

◆Team: SGNAVI / Michibiki Award Winner
◆Solution: <Flood Monitoring Smartphone Application>

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