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Tips from Alumni 2021

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The RPD Challenge 2021 programme was organized from October 2021 to March 2022 with over 16 teams completing the course by creating their own disaster management solutions with the support of GNSS experts. The programme was carried out in Hybrid format. The Final Demonstration took place during the Multi-GNSS Asia Annual Conference, and was organized successfully with the assistance of all those involved.  


*The above video showcases the hardworking participants of the RPD Challenge 2020: Extended programme, and all the Expert supporters whose efforts made the programme possible. 


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Team Softwel

RPD is a challenging and fun experience.

You can learn a lot of new things to help solve real world problems.

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To increase knowledge from World-class GNSS experts and study ideas/works from international teams.

Experts in the field will guide you throughout the journey of creating practical solutions that bring societal change.

Team Tala Tech

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Videos from Award
Winning Teams 

◆Team: Softwel / MGA Grand Prize Winner
◆Solution: <Early Warning System for Glacial Outburst Floods>

◆Team: RBRU-GI / GISTDA Award Winner
◆Solution: <Real Time Water Current & Location Monitoring>

◆Team: Tala Tech / Michibiki Award Winner
◆Solution: <Automatic Tsunami Warning System>

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